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Wedding dress (IN STOCK, READY TO SHIP)

Wedding dress (IN STOCK, READY TO SHIP)

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This wedding dress is a real heirloom item, and it's ready to ship right now!

IMPORTANT: the dress, the corset and the petticoats are all hand-sewn together and come as one piece.


What you get:

  • Ethically made by an independent designer, took three weeks of focused continuous work.
  • The color of the dress is actually a light ivory, making it a great option for warmer skintones.
  • The dress comes with its own underpinnings. It has a built-in corset and two silk organza petticoats that provide a luxurious rustle.
  • The dress has detachable garters for stockings in case it gets colder at your venue. You can take them off or put them on at any time.
  • The dress is almost entirely 100% real silk. The dress itself, the petticoats, the outer layer and the lining of the corset are all 100% silk. Boning channels are the only thing that's made out of thicker polyester satin for the sake of durability.
  • The corset is steel-boned for a trendy look imitating stays.
  • Padded bust provides cushioning for the boning and adds a bit of a push-up effect.
  • The neckline dips in the middle, allowing you to have both a sexy cleavage and a good coverage around the nipples.
  • The straps are designed to be worn slightly off the shoulder.
  • The back of the dress has a zipper for convenience and a row of decorative self-clothed buttons for elegance.
  • As a wedding gift, we ship it with a bow and a veil. They come with separate fastenings, so you can mix and match depending on the time of the day.
  • The corset has light blue grommets for your something blue as per the tradition.



The dress will be perfect for somebody with the following measurements:

  • Bust circumference - 85 cm/33,5 inches (can be slightly more, busts are squishy)
  • Underbust circumference - 73 cm/29 inches
  • Waist circumference - 60-63 cm/23-24 inches
  • Hip circumference - 91 cm/35 inches
  • Side height (waist to armpit) - 22 cm (19 cm from waist to the actual armhole)/8,7 (7,5) inches
  • Centre height (waist to top edge dip) - 20 cm/7,6 inches
  • Front height (waist to top edge over nipple) - 21 cm/8,3 inches
  • Centre length of the corset (waist to bottom edge) - 17 cm/6,7 inches
  • Depth over leg (waist to leg fold when seated) - 13 cm/5,1 inches
  • Skirt length - 73 cm (can be trimmed free of charge)


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