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Tuille and feather set

Tuille and feather set

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This prom set is ready to ship right now!

IMPORTANT: the corset, the skirt and the pannier come as three separate items and can be mixed and matched with other outfits of your choice.

What you get:

  • Ethically made by an independent designer, a few weeks of work.
  • The corset is steel-boned nylon mesh base with padding and decorations over the bust. Padded bust provides cushioning for the boning and adds a bit of a push-up effect.
  • The corset has 6 flat steel bones and 14 spiral steel bones.
  • The frills are hand-gathered and hand-sewn, and they have real ostrich feathers sandwiched between them.



The set will be perfect for somebody with the following measurements:

  • Bust circumference - 75-81 cm / 29.5-31.5 inches (can be slightly more, busts are squishy)
  • Waist circumference - 60-65 cm/23-25 inches
  • Hip circumference - 75-81 cm / 29.5-31.5 inches
  • Side height - 17 cm/6.7 inches
  • Centre height (waist to top edge) - 19 cm/7,5 inches
  • Front height (waist to top edge over nipple) - 21 cm/8,3 inches
  • Back height (waist to top edge) - 20 cm/7,6 inches
  • Centre length of the corset (waist to bottom edge) - 18 cm/7 inches
  • Depth over leg (waist to leg fold when seated) - 13 cm/5,1 inches
  • Skirt length - 30 cm/12 inches in the front, 58 cm/23 inches in the back

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