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Woman's Armor Workshop

God of Mischief custom corset

God of Mischief custom corset

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One of our bestsellers, this statement piece is inspired by the outfits worn by Loki. The design combines a sturdy and supportive inner layer made of steel bones and thick heavy-duty cotton with a gorgeous hand-decorated outer layer with gold furnishings. The corset is made and assembled entirely by hand for a stunning silhouette and impeccable detailing all around.


Key features

  • Modesty panel in the back prevents any bunching and gives the outfit a polished look
  • Extra boning provides a smooth silhouette and gets you in that armor-wielding mood
  • Two layers of thick high-quality fabric to make sure you get years and years of wear for your money
  • Inner layer made out of strong 100% cotton for extra comfort and longevity



All our corsets are made to measure by hand. After you check out, I will send you measurement instructions. It is possible to schedule a free zoom call for a remote measuring and fitting session.

During the call, you will need a tailor's measuring tape, a ruler and a ribbon or a piece of thick yarn to tie around your waist.

If I do not receive a response to my emails about the measurements within two weeks, I WILL CANCEL YOUR ORDER AND REFUND YOU.

This is especially important in case there's a deadline. I cannot begin working on your corset until I have the measurements.


Care instructions

For best results, we recommend wearing cotton-lined corsets over a protective layer - a blouse, a t-shirt or a specialized corset cover that absorbs the body moisture and odors.

To refresh your corset, you can spray the inside with rubbing alcohol.

For a deeper clean, gently wash it by hand with soap and lukewarm water. After washing, gently squeeze out the water with a towel on both sides and spread flat on a rack or a ventilated surface.




Taking it to a dry cleaner is also an option.

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