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Flossing deposit

Flossing deposit

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Choose this option to ADD flossing to your corset.

Please note: corset sold separately.

Flossing is a historic corset decoration technique that also serves a practical purpose. It was developed to increase the corset's longevity by reinforcing the fabric at the weakest points, namely at the ends of the bones and on the waist.

Flossing can be done in the same color as the main fabric for a subtle chic enhancement or in a contrasting color for a more striking effect. There are many techniques for it, we can work with your reference or give you an array of tried and true patterns to choose from.

This is a deposit. We bill for embroidery by the hour. After we discuss the design and confirm the price, the client will be charged the rest of the price.

The total bill may vary, depending on the size of your corset, the embroidery pattern and the extra features you may request.

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