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Fan lacing belts

Fan lacing belts

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This is the belt part that you can use to convert your existing corset into a fan-laced corset.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: we sell the belt part ONLY. To lace your corset, use our video tutorial and the ribbon that's already in your corset.


Please choose based on your natural waist size, NOT your corset size or the maximum reduction you can get.

XS - waist under 25 inches (under 65cm)
S - waist between 25 and 32 inches (65-80cm)
M - waist between 32 and 37 inches (80-95 cm)
L - waist larger than 37 inches (95+ cm)

When in doubt, choose a larger size. 

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: with fan lacing method, you might not be able to cinch your corset as far as you're used to. Therefore, the method works best on corsets that are patterned with a moderate reduction. 

If the method doesn't work right away, experiment with the ribbon length and/or adjust individual segments.

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